O2 – CO2



Sound recordings, sound systems headphones, plastic tubing and oxygen masks.


A project exemplifying our relationship with the natural world – an interactive immersive environment engaging the senses.

The viewer’s participation helps create the work and draws attention to the interdependent nature of the plants and animals. Enticed to have a breath of fresh air, the visual iconography of the breathing mask acts as a symbol of life support. The breathing masks are not attached to oxygen bottles but to the branches of the tree, the place where the leaves through the processes of photosynthesis, produce oxygen.

Public interaction completes a metaphoric cycle: when breathing the oxygen emitted from the tree they are simultaneously emitting carbon dioxide fundamental for the trees survival.

Growing like strange fruits from the branches of a second tree in this surreal garden, the sound of breathing – a slow deep rhythm – is audible through headphones.

Flanagan often creates spaces based on natural systems and processes and combines them with social or mechanical systems. Her work is inspired by science and biology and is articulated with an evident respect for the natural world.


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Art Steps Beyond the Gallery, Civic Park Newcastle, Australia, 2004.


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  • Christian Hasucha
  • Ralf Henning
  • Beatrice Catanzaro
  • Cornelia Erdmann
  • Ramon Grendene
  • Anna Kling
  • Tom Hanke
  • Frederika Adauiski
  • Leonie Webber
  • Alexander Voigt
  • Howard Atkinson
  • James Mc Donald
  • Ben Flanagan
  • Alan and Heather Taylor