International artist Tricia Flanagan produces permanent and temporary artwork for exhibition and display.

About Work

Tricia's production includes site-specific sculpture, social sculpture, sound sculpture, sculptural installation, wearables and performance installation.


The University of New South Wales’s 4th HIF Cloud Workshop revisits eSUN Yisheng

When talking about innovation, what do you think of in your mind? Silicon Valley, that’s right! It is both a geographical concept and a trend of thought. Silicon Valley is the world’s first “high-tech industry gathering place”. Entrepreneurs with the dream of “changing the world” are constantly creating new technologies …

Wearable Projects from HIF Cloud Workshop Presented at Chaihuo X.Factory

In early December, we had a group of 18 students + 1 professor from the University of New South Wales gathering at Chaihuo x.factory, the maker space and Fab Lab created by Seeed. This delegation was here as part of the HIF Cloud Workshop, which is an international, interdisciplinary hands-on …


The development and production of Tricia’s work often involves community consultation and or engagement. Her public and private collections are exhibited internationally including Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy and China.