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  Haptic InterFace

1st to 10th December 2014

Haptic InterFace – Workshop 2014

Event Details

Haptic InterFace workshop will take place from 1st to 10th December 2014 in the Wearables Lab, an innovative trans-disciplinary laboratory at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. This invitation represents an opportunity to spend ten intensive days developing new ideas in relation to the body through the creative use of materials and praxis. Our aim is to provide a space where professionals and creative thinkers from a range of backgrounds explore the borders between art, science and technology.

This is a participant-driven workshop where you will be encouraged to collaborate, mashup materials and technology and find ways to let innovation happen in real-time, facilitated by a team of experts and support staff. The lab is equipped with state of the art technology, and depending on your research area, can draw on specific equipment available from the broad range of creative studios at the Academy of Visual Arts and partner institutions in order to support your creative investigations.

See how you can participate in the 2014 Haptic InterFace workshop in Hong Kong.

How to Apply

As there are a limited number of places available to the workshop and exhibition, selection is based on quality of previous work and creative capacity to contribution to the overall group.

These are the ways you could participate in Haptic InterFace 2014:

  • Participate in the 10-day workshop PLUS submit an art/design work to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition.
  • Participate in the 10-day workshop only.
  • Submit an art/design work to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition only.

Please use the form to register your interest.

Where and When

Wearables Lab CVA 401
Communication and Visual Arts Building, 5 Hereford Rd, Kowloon Tsai, Hong Kong

1st to 10th December 2014

People Involved
Ann Morrison
Beck Davis
Queensland College of Art
Daniel Gilgen
Professor, University of Applied Sciences in Trier/Germany
Dave Hrynkiw
Dr Kit Messham-Muir
Dr Rafael Gomez
Director, Propaganda Mill
Dr Roger Ng
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr. Patricia Flanagan
Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
Elizabeth Shaw
Queensland College of Art Griffith University
Emma Cooper
Director, Little Big Design
Erina Kashihara
Jake Oliver-Fishman
Creative Director, Little Big Design
Jared Donovan
Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology
Meiyi Cheung
Paragon Design Limited
Raune Frankjaer
Sara Adhitya
Tobias Klein
Zoe Mahony