Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art

1 March 2011

Issue 16 of Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art is now ready for downloading:

Engaging in artistic collaboration promises the potential to create a work that is more than the sum of its parts, allowing possibilities beyond the scope of individual participants to be realised. Working collaboratively can also be notoriously challenging. The heady mixture of artists’ egos and life-long creative passions forged with an unyielding sense of individual purpose and intention can result in a volatile concoction, which is often tumultuous but can yield rewarding results and forge long-term artistic relationships.

Presents various aspects of artistic collaborations, essays, artworks and calls for participation are presented by: Lena Eriksson & Chris Regn, Eva Kietzmann & Sonya Schönberger, Damien March, Muda Mathis & Sus Zwick, Eliza Tan & James Carrigan, Museum of Memory, Judy Freya Sibayan, Andrew Burrell & Trish Adams, Simon Cooper & Siying Zhou, Tricia Flanagan, Wu Mali, Mrat Lunn Htwann, Moe Way & Zeyar Lynn, Frame Works – Ruchika Negi & Amit Mahanti and Videoklub.

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Varsha Nair & Katherine Olston
Issue Editors, and
Tricia Flanagan
Contributing Author

Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art