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  Haptic InterFace

21st November to 16th December 2012

Haptic InterFace – Exhibition 2012

Event Details

Haptic InterFace Exhibition 2012 took place from November 21st – December 16th at the Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong. It featured art/design/multi-media work in the form of body related works from leading artists and designers around the world. Concepts/prototypes developed in the Wearables Lab were added to the core exhibition at the end of a 10-day intensive workshop.

HIF 2012 Participating Artists

Celina ALVARADO, Kristina ANDERSEN, Raymond AU, Sabrina BASTEN, Martin BELLARDI, Margarita BENITEZ, Dean BOUGH, Priscilla BRACKS, Katia CANEPA-VEGA, CHONG Wai, Meiyi CHEUNG, Bryan CHUNG, Anne-Christin DELAKOWITZ, Jared DONOVAN, Tricia FLANAGAN, Daniel GILGEN, Seraphine GUTEKUNST, Raune FRANKJAER, Hugo FUKS, Anne GRAHAM, Karyn HENSON, HO Siu Kee, Jonathan JAMES, Clare JOHNSTON, Freeman LAU, Kanta KOCHHAR-LINGDREN, LAM Chi-hin Jin, Dawn-Joy LEONG, LEUNG Mee Ping, Roger NG, Katherine OLSTON, Hector RODRIGUEZ, Gavin SADE, Audrey SAMSON, Elizabeth SHAW, Zoie SO, Markus VOGL, Danielle WILDE, Fionna WOODS


Where and When

Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery
Kwun Tong Road, 51, Hong Kong

21st November to 16th December 2012

People Involved